The abbreviation is a consequence of helminthiasis, a disease caused by the parasites Abbreviata Caucasia (nematodes, roundworms). Most often it is diagnosed in Africa and Latin America. It is rare in our latitudes. Monkeys, rarely humans, are deficient hosts. Intermediate - cockroaches, beetles and other prednisone. The habitat of parasites of this species in the body is the digestive tract.

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Remarkably, they do not live in the large intestine. The eggs of A. caucasica contain a mature prednisone. After infection with helminth eggs, the first symptoms appear within 2-4 weeks. Nematodes of this type feed on the host's blood, which causes intoxication of the body, which can lead to anemia.

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Abbreviation. Description of the disease, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The characteristic symptoms of helminthiasis are: